A Different Kind of Commission

My usual commissions involve dogs, cats and the odd rabbit or bull but this one is different. This is Kanzi. One of the wonderful giraffes at Chester Zoo. It is a birthday gift from one friend of mine to another and I am going to have fun with it. It is pretty similar to Colin who was one of my first ever animal portraits. It will be interesting to see how Kanzi[...]

Chiquita – Finished Drawing

It has been difficult to post progress on this drawing this week as the signal here is pretty awful. I have had a wonderful week taking lots of photographs to draw later though and I am looking forward to sharing them with you. I have finished this latest drawing though and I am happy to share it with you. As always, I look forward to hearing what you think. :)[...]

Chiquita Part 2

I thought this drawing was going to progress quickly like the tiger did but, so far, we have had a false start and a slooooooooow start. The second session has brought better results and I am now starting to enjoy this drawing. I have also had the excitement of picking up Hamish from the framers :) He looks pretty pleased with the result. Me too.[...]


I have had two attempts at starting this new portrait but I hope it was worth it. Meet Chiquita. She is a Jaguar who was the victim of illegal animal trade and rescued from a garage!! She is beautiful, living and playful and I love her. You can see her spirit and I am so glad the wonderful Isle of Wight Zoo saved her. Here is how the drawing has started.[...]

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