Chelsea Complete

Today I get to show you the completed portrait of Chelsea   I can see why this little dog is so loved and I hope that the owners enjoy the portrait.  They have already let me know how happy they are which always makes me happy. I am already working on the next portrait....how exciting is that?  :) Will share that one tomorrow.  [...]

Chelsea Part One

I have to sit back for a moment and look at how things have taken a massive leap for me.  I am so incredibly busy and I am very lucky that people are prepared to wait to own some of my work.  It is so inspiring for an artist to know that there work is desirable and so gratifying to know that you make people smile with your creations. I am so grateful that so many[...]


Ellie Complete

I am happy to say i have completed the drawing of Ellie. Sorry for the delay in posting this final drawing but it was a busy weekend. Fabulous but busy! I spent the day at The Cowes Food And Craft Festival and it was lovely. One of the main pleasures of art is sharing it. Yesterday I got the opportunity to share with art lovers, animal lovers, arti[...]

Ellie Part One

Meet Ellie   How gorgeous is she?? Ellie is one of the London Pet Show Commissions which is a rush birthday present. Here is how she started off.     And with some colour     Sorry its a bit dark again.....I will learn how to take better photographs :( Have you been to visit the Roman Villa yet? I would love to hear what you[...]

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