A little more Bear

I was a little disappointed to hear that my drawing of old Beau was not short listed for the Derwent Art Prize this year but I look forward to seeing the drawing that have been. I can also comfort myself with the knowledge that my drawings make people happy and the fact that I get to draw some beautiful animals. Including this one Which is coming along rather n[...]

Warm Up Drawing

I like to have a warm up drawing on the go. Something to get my fingers and brain in gear before I tackle any commissioned drawings. Just to make sure I am in the right frame of mind to produce a standard of work I am happy with......we all have off days. This is current warm up drawing. His name is Akin and I was lucky enough to snap him at Marwell Zoo a few weeks[...]

Flint Complete

Happy to say this drawing is complete and the owners are delighted.  This is the first of 4 drawings of their cats which I am looking forward to completing, I don't get to draw cats as often as I would like so 4 in a row is great!!Anyway, here is Flint I had a day off yesterday to go to Marwell Wildlife to take some photographs but today I have to get some serious w[...]


I love it when commissions come from someone seeing one of my portraits and loving it. This is what happened with this one. My client saw this And commissioned this for his wife's birthday. This is Lomond. Everyone was delighted I am happy to say and I just got an email to say that he had been shown to half the population of Scotland. :) I love happy cus[...]

Wild One

There is just not enough time in the day right now and I am struggling to find any time to draw. There is much more to being an artist than just creating new work and it is taking more time than I would like just now. I have started something new to help retain my sanity and satisfy the creative urge. I met this beauty in the Lake District a couple of years ago. T[...]

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