Cheeky Monkey – Part 2

This picture is a labour of love as I did not realise how much work it would be......maybe I am just adding more and more detail each time I draw.  Whe did I become such a detail freak? :o   I am becoming rather attached to this little fellow though he is actually a combination of 3 reference photographs. This is something else I have not attempted before but,[...]

My First MailArt Image – Self Portrait

The theme is "Time and Being Human" interpretation is "My Time Being Human" so you get snapshots of my life in the postcards.  I will use this challenge to stretch myself again and explore what I can do.  I will also share a little of what makes me I thought about my theme for quite a long time, thinking about times in history, development of the[...]

My Life in Postcards

I have been a little absent from my blog and I appologise but sometimes life gets in the way, however, a new challenge is ready to begin!!  If you get an e-mail which starts...... "We are about to embark on another aesthetic voyage through the precarious postal system." .......then it fires your enthusiasm for another challenge. This time the it is the brainch[...]

30 Day Challenge – Day 26

Day 26 and I am definitely on the home straight :) Thank you to everyone that chose one of the images to represent me in a profile - the problem is it the dalmation and the rose got an identical number of votes with the blue flower only one behind.  My best friend's comment was that none of them represented me properly and I should draw something much more ditsy![...]

30 Day Challenge – Day 9

Today is a bit different, this is something that has been in my head for a while and when I finished it last night I was quite happy with it.  Now, I don't know.  I like the idea, and I wanted it to be bright (it is certainly bright) and not too detailed.  I love artists who can put a few strokes on paper and it is amazing.........don't think that is me, I can't[...]

I’m Creative!

Saturday was World Drawing Day and there was a real buzz on the forums and art websites.  There was also a range of amazing drawings popping up all over the place.  I think it is something that we should all be doing and encouraging our children to do.  Drawing is one of the simple pleasures in life that should not be ignored. I decided it was time for a doodle[...]


Very short blog today as there is sooooooooooooooooooooo much to do.  I thought I had given myself a week before the launch of my website but NO!!  I have made it this weekend!!  How can I be such a bimbo?? (I know practise!!)  Anyway, I have a nice new website (just finished it last night) which is looking good but no new artwork to show!!  I am out wit[...]

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