Brading Roman Villa

Wow! It has been such a busy few weeks and some technical issues mean I have not posted much on the progress front. I will rectify that soon. Yesterday my friend Michelle Marsh and I set up our first joint exhibition at The Brading Roman Villa. I am so excited as it is Michelle's first show on this scale. We met my first year on the Island when i did Open Studios an[...]

Big Scary Things

Art is a very personal thing. Anything an artist produces is part of them and it is hard to put so much of yourself on display. Life is about pushing yourself though and if you don't you won't get anywhere. Sometimes it means taking on big scary the London Pet Show. In the weeks before I went from being terrified to excited and back again. I had n[...]

Fun Times

How long is it since I wrote my last post? I am so busy and its wonderful. I showed at the Isle of Arts Festival this weekend and as well as getting to chat to some lovely people about my work I also volunteer as a steward. This year I learned how to juggle, perform magic tricks, saw an amazing film, some wonderful live music and saw Alan Davies live. I also le[...]

Four Weeks!

Four weeks to go until the biggest event I have ever attempted. It is huge!! It will tell me a lot about what I can do in the future with my work. It is a big investment of time and money and a huge test of my skills and my confidence. There is nowhere to hide at this event and even though I am proud of my work there will be many crises of confidence in the coming[...]

Exhibition Season

It is so long since my last blog post. Things have been incredibly busy with top secret commissions and preparation for upcoming exhibitions. This year I will attend the London Pet Show at Earls Court 2 on 11th and 12th May and it is both terrifying and exciting. It is a huge investment of time and money and I can only hope and pray it is worth it. It should be fun[...]

Brave and Decisive!

Last year I promised myself it would be my most creative year ever and I achieved that comfortably. I enjoyed seeing the improvement in my work and loved that I had return clients who loved their portraits. I had my first solo exhibition at the garlic farm and also had my first gallery enquiry. It was a big year for me and I loved it. This year is about being br[...]

The Sweetcorn Fair

This was a new event for me and one of the nicest I have done so far. We had wonderful neighbours, great visitors and the sun did put in an appearance for a lot of the weekend. I had planned to work on some commissions this weekend but a few things worked against me. 1. It was so cold yesterday morning that I could not feel my fingers so not the best time to wor[...]

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