Day 8 The image that inspired this drawing can be found here My procrastination levels are now almost zero so one of my objectives on this project is already being realised. I don't know how far this will go yet but I am enjoying the ride! Let me know if there is anything that you want to see[...]



Day 6 and I am sad that I cannot find the image I used for inspiration. I know it was a photograph from either Pexels or Unsplash but I cannot find it again. This is my favourite drawing so far in this challenge and I feel like I learned a lot from this one.[...]



Day 5 is a little friend from the Isle of Wight Zoo. He is a bit of a poser so was happy to get up close for me to take his photograph. I am quite impressed that on Day 5 I have managed to give you 5 individual drawings. They are not as detailed as I would normally draw but it is a great learning experience. I am hopeful that the quality will improve throug[...]



Day 2 is a subject that is closer to home for me but I could not resist. The inspiration for this one was another Pexels image which you can find here I was blown away with the response to yesterday's drawing, you are all amazing! I was asked two questions yesterday which I will answer here: Are these drawings for sale.....yes they will be as soon as I[...]

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