London Pet Show

Big Scary Things

Art is a very personal thing. Anything an artist produces is part of them and it is hard to put so much of yourself on display. Life is about pushing yourself though and if you don't you won't get anywhere. Sometimes it means taking on big scary projects......like the London Pet Show. In the weeks before I went from being terrified to excited and back again. I had n[...]

Four Weeks!

Four weeks to go until the biggest event I have ever attempted. It is huge!! It will tell me a lot about what I can do in the future with my work. It is a big investment of time and money and a huge test of my skills and my confidence. There is nowhere to hide at this event and even though I am proud of my work there will be many crises of confidence in the coming[...]

Pets and Their People

I had some ideas buzzing round my head for the London Pet Show next month. I wanted to combine my 'colours' work with the pet theme and see what I could come up with. I thought my sister might like the idea so I used her family as the template for this one. She would have loved it more if I had got the spelling right!! That's why I draw ;)[...]

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