Four Weeks!

Four weeks to go until the biggest event I have ever attempted. It is huge!! It will tell me a lot about what I can do in the future with my work. It is a big investment of time and money and a huge test of my skills and my confidence. There is nowhere to hide at this event and even though I am proud of my work there will be many crises of confidence in the coming[...]

Rogues Gallery Complete

Here is the final instalment of this drawing. It was difficult knowing that I could go wrong on this last stage and lose all of the work done so far. Thankfully it didn't happen though. And here is the complete portrait. The biggest I have done so far. I sent the proof to my client and got back three words. I LOVE IT. All in capitals.....that is so good.[...]

Rogues Gallery Part 2

I affectionately called this drawing Rogues Gallery. I had the challenge of taking 4 photographs and making them work as one drawing. I had the idea in my head that their owner had come home to some kind of mess and was trying to work out who was guilty. Here is Part 2. Here they are together There is more to come of course :)[...]

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