Having Fun

Yesterday I visited Brading Art Group for the second time to share with them some of the techniques I use when drawing with coloured pencils. I have been asked a few times if I would demonstrate and I finally plucked up the courage thanks to the lovely Murray Ince who had helped me so much. They are a lovely group and incredibly passionate about art. What more coul[...]

Phone Art

I have been very busy drawing portraits I cannot yet share and booking events I need to create drawings for. I am so excited about this year but know it is going to be hard work. I need to find new ways to show off my work when people ask me what I do. What better way than by putting it on my phone. Not in the gallery where I have to fiddle to find it but right ther[...]

Kei Complete

I loved this drawing, it is one of my close up studies.  I did go a bit cross eyed with the stripes but I still loved drawing it.  It has also made me excited about doing a full size drawing too. My head is full of drawings that I want to do.  I am excited about the events coming up and the chance to meet some of you in person. I am excited that there has[...]

I’ve Been Framed

Well, to be more accurate, some of my drawings have been framed. Oscar Nahla Martha And Kadi Kadi is the first to go into an exhibition next month, making his first public appearance.  He is going to be part of a launch exhibition at The Big Wight Space, Scarrots Lane in Newport which is being held in aid of the Earl Mountbatten Hospice[...]

Work In Progress

At the moment my time is being taken up by starting and trying to finish lots of projects in a very short time.  Some of them I can't show you but you can see the first stage of my website overhaul. It is a huge job but I am pleased with my progress so far and I have plans to improve it further....once I get the hang of the new program. This is just the galleri[...]

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