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Another chapter

I am very excited to say that I am taking on commissions again for Christmas. I have 6 slots available and I am looking forward to putting my new drawing board to good use. If you are interested you can find the details here or just drop me a message[...]


Keeping up the Momentum

Now that I have started drawing again, I really want to keep up the momentum.  It's a bit difficult at the moment as I have the wrong kind of brush in my hand with the wrong kind of paint!  It's not wrong for my house, which is looking much brighter but more looking forward to doing some new artwork for the walls instead of just painting them. My latest dra[...]

Needing a name

I have been working on this drawing It was really good to try something a bit different though fabric is still a challenge for me.  This is my first totally complete drawing of the year.  My biggest problem is what should I call this? Drawings need names. ???? I need inspiration.....please ????[...]

Why do I do this?

Life is busy.  I have a full time job that demands a lot of my time and energy!!  It is difficult to switch off sometimes and if I have a problem I will work late into the evening to solve it or I won't sleep. My desires drive me towards creative things, I want and need to spend some time on.  Whatever it is that drives you, a hobby, a relati[...]


Arty New Year

That is my have an arty new year. It has been a long time since I was able to escape into the world of art.  A few things got in the way and stopped me taking refuge in the activity I enjoy most, but things are changing.  Mainly my mindset with a determination to make time and energy to enjoy my pencils (and other art forms) the way I always did. I d[...]


Storm – Complete Drawing

I gave you a sneak peak of this drawing in my last blog post but thought you might like to see the finished result. This is from a photograph I took a couple of years ago.  I spent a happy day here trying to photograph the zebras.  They had a wonderful compound that was huge - too big for my zoom lense so I waited 5 hou[...]

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