A Little Ambition

Ambition has never been my strong point, I know lots of people who know exactly what they want to do and where they want to go but I just kind of enjoy the journey.  I don’t think that is always a bad thing but I do have one ambition for my art and that is to see it hanging in a London gallery, in particular the Mall Gallery.

I have been a few times and love the feel of the gallery, it feels comfortable while still holding a challenge.  It challenges your ideas but not who you are.  I don’t like galleries where they look down their nose at you and make you feel uncomfortable about examining the creations it holds.  I think art is for everyone and, in my opinion, this gallery enforces that.

Luckily they have a few open competitions there where I can try to realise that ambition.  I thought I would try again with the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year Competition, I would love to be part of this exhibition and what it stands for.  The work done by the foundation for wildlife is incredible and this competition and the artwork help fund their projects.  You can find out more here  http://www.davidshepherd.org/way/

This year I decided that Scar was going to be my entry.

Scar sm



He is actually the lion from the wonderful South Lakes Wildlife Park so it is from one great cause to another.

Fingers crossed :)

House – Hugh Laurie

One of the areas I really want to explore this year is human portraiture.  I am totally fascinated with it especially after watching the Sky Portrait Artist of the Year.  That series left me totally inspired, it was nice to see an art show that portrayed truly talented artists.

I also did a portrait with the art group who are kind enough to put up with me once a month, we tackled a subject that I figured most people would know in one form or another.  He is an incredibly talented and accomplished actor and also happens to have a very interesting face.  The photograph is one of the official publicity shots for House so I am calling this one fan art.

Hugh Laurie.

House sm


Some of my friends will have seen this as I posted it on my personal Facebook page to make sure he was recognisable so apologies if you have.  The best way to practise portraits is by drawing someone that everyone recognises to ensure that you create a believable portrait.  This portrait was created with my usual watercolour pencils with the addition of pastels to help create a smooth skin tone.

I want to do some more of this as I thoroughly enjoyed this one….well it is Hugh Laurie!!


I miss House.



I consider myself very fortunate that I can draw beautiful creatures of all shapes and sizes and I love nothing more than seeing the reaction of the recipients.  When the portraits are for gifts I don’t always get that reaction so when this portrait for my sister-in-law’s niece was to be delivered I gave strict instructions for the reaction to be captured on film.  Luckily I got permission to share them with you.

I love this, first there is anticipation…..





Then Excitement…….



Then Love……



I know she loved it, she told me a few times :)

Oh…..you want to see it too?


This is Alfie

Alfie sm



He really is pretty lovable. :)



When artist write their biographies you often see the statement “in private collections around the world” regarding the artist’s work.  After last year I can say that without a hint of guilt that I might be stretching the truth.  I was lucky enough to have commissions go to America, Australia, Japan and Hong Kong.  I think that is all of them….I wish I had made a map of where my work is.

This is the latest to go to Hong Kong.

This is Oscar who was rescued from a bin on the streets and is now a much loved family pet.



I will never, ever understand how people can be so cruel and heartless……just look at that face!!  How could anyone hurt such a beautiful creature, I am so glad he ended up in such a loving home.

I am also glad I got the chance to capture him in pencil.

Oskar Sm


I hope Oscar approved :)

Happy New Studio Too

First of all thank you for still being there, it is nice to know.  :)

For the new year my biggest challenge was to sort out my studio to give me extra storage and create a space that I wanted to be in.  I had in my mind a big dresser with cupboard space in the bottom and a bookshelf on the top.  When I looked at what was available the cost was pretty prohibitive at £600 – £1500.  We then looked around for something we could adapt and were lucky enough to find a big old sideboard type thing with a drawer that pulled out into a desk and a bookshelf which had a secret compartment at the back.  Together they cost £100 which was a much better price.  I did forget to take a photo before I started but you must all be used to me by now :0

A tin of chalk paint, some sandpaper…..a whole lot of dust and mess and some wax later I have a wonderful new storage space for all my lovely art supplies.

2014-01-12 13.23.47

2014-01-12 13.24.47


I had to take the photo in two bits as the room is not big enough for me to get far enough back but I am very pleased with my (and my hubby’s) efforts.

It is the first step in getting a nice calm space to work and produce more drawings like this one which I realised I had not shown you the finished version of.



I just love those eyes.

Happy New Year, Happy New Blog

I have not been here for a very long time, I don’t know if anyone is still looking but I have been told you miss the posts so I am here to put that right.

Last year got too busy with commissions so that I felt I lost control a bit and didn’t have the freedom I so love about art.  That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the drawings that I did – they brought me a great deal of pleasure and I will share some of them with you,  I got used to not posting because I spend 6 months working on Christmas presents which were all top secret.  I meant to post earlier this year but technology thought otherwise.

This year will be different, I have plans to do a lot more experimenting and exploring what I can do.  I will not take on as many commissions but I hope you will enjoy what you see.

For now I want to share one of the Christmas commissions with you.  This is Travis and I know he was greatly appreciated by the recipient, he was also one of my favourites of all time,

Travis sm



As always, I would love to hear from you…..especially if there is something you would like to see….or just to let me know you are there.

I appreciate your continued support

Pam x

A little more Bear

I was a little disappointed to hear that my drawing of old Beau was not short listed for the Derwent Art Prize this year but I look forward to seeing the drawing that have been.

I can also comfort myself with the knowledge that my drawings make people happy and the fact that I get to draw some beautiful animals.

Including this one


Which is coming along rather nicely don’t you think?