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January 2012

The Eyes Have It

The eyes are my favourite part of any drawing and if I don't get them right then the drawing is ruined for me.  Giraffe eyes are big and beautiful and full of character and an absolute joy to draw. You can see my interpretation so far: As I said yesterday, this drawing is taking a long time considering its size (20cmx14cm).  The reason is that it has taken[...]

Introducing Martha

I took this photo on holiday and just loved the way this giraffe was peeking through the  compound and thought I would just draw what I saw there.  I have to confess I named her Martha....I just thought it suited her and I could not find out her name. Progress on this drawing has been slow as it has taken me some time to get the colours and tones that I wante[...]

My First Classified

A while ago one of my favourite artists, Andrea Joseph, asked for advertisers for her latest ezine. I could not resist as it meant she would draw the ad. What could be better for my first ever classified?   It is part of 'How to Draw Like a Loon' which is full of Andrea's wonderful illustrations. You can get your own copy here I highly recommend it :)[...]

A Photography Day

Yesterday was the last day of my holiday and, as it was a lovely day I decided to head out with the camera and see what the day brought. Taking photographs is a huge part of my creative life as I draw from my photographs and photograph my work.  At the moment I depend on taking lots of photographs and hoping that something turns out.  I want to learn more about[...]

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