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January 2012

Who Should Win?

I have chosen my two favourite photographs for my giveaway this month - one of which will I will draw and give to the winner but who should win?? Should it be this beautiful picture? Or this beautiful moment? I just cannot choose.....please help?!? Let me know which one is your favourite.[...]

Artist Profile

Isle of Wight Arts Open Studios has a new blog which will profile its artists over the coming months as well as keeping you up to date with what local artists are up to and where you can see them.  The profiles will give you an insight into what makes them tick. Have a look at the first profile here - you may just recognise the artist :)   http://isleofwighta[...]

Where it All Starts

Every drawing starts with a sketch. This is the hardest part making the first mark on the paper breaking the vast whiteness in front of you setting the scene for the whole production It all sounds very dramatic and, for me, it is. But I live for drama. Art and drama are about emotion, if a picture doesn't stir your emotions then it is not right for you.[...]


One of the best compliments you can get is to get asked to do another drawing for someone who is happy with your previous work. This is one of those drawings and it is now living in France :) This is Ollie. If you are interested it is another coloured pencil portrait on cartridge paper.  It was not an easy drawing as the reference photograph was quite da[...]

Work In Progress

At the moment my time is being taken up by starting and trying to finish lots of projects in a very short time.  Some of them I can't show you but you can see the first stage of my website overhaul. It is a huge job but I am pleased with my progress so far and I have plans to improve it further....once I get the hang of the new program. This is just the galleri[...]

Who Would Like a Free Portrait?

You have seen my pet portraits. And you have seen my people portraits But you have not seen a people and pets portrait. ......neither have I I would really like to add this service to my new website and need your help to make it happen..... Please send me your favourite photo of you and your pet via email or facebook or twitter. I will choose my favourite from y[...]

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